Oleuropein Reduces Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Human Embryonic Renal Epithelial “GP-293” Cells

Ayat Kaeidi, Maryam Rezaei, Marzieh Rashidipour*


Background and Aim:The protective effect of oleuropein,a chief polyphenol compound in olive tree, on cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in human cultured renal tubular cells, GP-293, was investigated.

Materials and Methods:Cell viability was determined by the MTT assay. Cleaved caspase-3 and Bax: Bcl2 ratioas biochemical parameters of cellular apoptosis, was assessed using western blot analysis.

Results:Our data showed that cisplatin in the dose of 55µg/ml significantly can reduced cell viability, increased caspase-3 activation and Bax: Bcl2 ratio in GP-293 cells after 24hr. Incubation of the cisplatin treated cells, with 20μg/ml oleuropein decreased the cisplatin-induced cell toxicity, as well as prevented caspase-3 activation and reduced Bax: Bcl2 elevation ratio.

Conclusions: Oleuropein protects against cisplatin-induced cellular toxicity. This could be associated with the prevention of cellular apoptosis


Cisplatin; Nephrotoxicity; Apoptosis; GP-293 cells; Oleuropein

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22087/hmj.v1i1.556


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