The Importance of Herbal Medicines Consumption in COVID-19 Epidemic

Keywords: Herbal Medicines, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Epidemic.


Up now, there are currently no effective antiviral drugs or vaccines are developed against SARS-CoV2. WHO identifies herbal and traditional medicines for COVID-19, have particular importance and many benefits. Therefore, should be tested for probable side effects, and investigating their efficacy and safety through precise clinical trials is crucial. Regarding the COVID-19 epidemic conditions and the lack of definitive treatment, here we propose the use of herbal medicines, especially anti-inflammatory herbal drugs in the control of mild forms of SARS-CoV2 infection. As attempts are underway to discover a treatment for COVID-19, the use of herbal medicine products to prevent and treatment of COVID-19 must be insistently investigated. We searched several electronic databases for finding the reasons for the use of herbal medicines, especially anti-inflammatory herbal drugs during the COVID-19 Epidemic.In this article, using references, we have mention 8 reasons for using herbal medicines during the coronavirus epidemic. Regarding to the high cost and unavailability of some common COVID-19 drugs, the use of herbal remedies can be very beneficial for the treatment of mild cases. Nevertheless, the potential interests of herbal remedies could due to their high confidence in patients, efficacy, safety, and low costs. 


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