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Herbal Medicines Journal (Herb Med J) is a free of charge, open access, quarterly peer-reviewed journal which aims to serve its readers as an authoritative resource on the profession and practice of herbal medicines.

Herb Med J is supported and published by Lorestan University of Medical Sciences, Khorramabad, Iran


Herbal Medicines Journal reports valuable research results for researchers all over the world about the effectiveness of herbal medicines in a variety of in-vitro, in-vivo and clinical trial models. More exact effectiveness evaluation of approved commercial herbal medicines in different diseases is also a priority for the journal. The chemical composition analysis of the herbal essential oils or extracts, although not mandatory in all cases, but is recommended to be considered alongside the study of the effectiveness of plants.

It is highly appreciated to receive your Clinical trials, Review articles, Original papers, Short com­munications, Study protocols and Letters to the Editor.





VOL 6, NO 2, 2021

Table of Contents

Review Article

Ebrahim Alinia-Ahandani *, Zahra Alizadeh-Terepoei, Milad Sheydaei